March 31, 2008

I am not dead.

I'm not dead! :-)

Dead?! Not at all. In fact I've been rocking! So much so that I did not invest any time into writing a post in a long time.

As life passes by, you come to realize many things - about yourself and the world around you. I've come to a realization that that I am not a good blogger. I do not get a kick out of writing paragraphs after paragraps just to discuss about things or to express my feelings. Yes, once in a while that urge kicks in, but it never lasts long.

On the other hand, I've also realized that I prefer other means for expression - pictures, videos, IM and such things that do not require for you to read or write too much stuff. Thus you may not find new things in this blog that frequently but you will notice that my Flickr page is updated very regularly(almost on a daily basis at times).

So yes, the past couple of month this blog has been almost dead. I struggle hard to write new blog entries... and what's fun in doing something if you have to force yourself into doing it :-) But I'm glad to say that I will be updating my Flickr page so so often. I PhotoBlog very frequently, and that is something I love to do.

My Flickr photostream is also accessible directly from :