November 28, 2008

Above everything else

Above everything else, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

A view, about 15 minutes before landing in Kathmandu.

November 24, 2008

Flickr meetup goodness

Flickr meetup goodness, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Another shot from our Kathmandu Flickr meetup. Photo was Arati's idea.

I came to know from gwen's photo that Flickr sends out goodies for members when there are meetups. I had no clue about this so we we totally missed it. Next time will surely try to get those super cool badges and many more. But for now, only Photoshopped badges available :-P

Shot with iPhone so had to enhance the colors with Picnik.

3 cameras, 3 point of views

3 cameras, 3 point of views, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Shot while waiting for Flickr folks to turn up at the Flickr meetup.

About 10 seconds late and would've missed the composition :-)

Part of the set Unusual Compositions.

@ Kathmandu Flickr meetup

@ Kathmandu Flickr meetup, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Shot while on a photowalk with Flickr friends at our first Flickr meetup on 22nd Nov 08.

More info in the group page:

November 22, 2008

Just passing by

Just passing by, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

A quick shot while on the way to Khokana, in the outskirts of Kathmandu. This is one of the many warehouses in the area which farmers use to store harvest. Other warehouse shots are here, here and here.

Light rays added with Photoshop.

November 17, 2008

The dark side of urban life

The dark side of urban life, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Load shedding has been a part of life in Kathmandu valley and rest of Nepal for months. Power cuts happen here every single day and range from 3-6 hours. It was really difficult to adjust to this kind of of blackouts when I came here about 3 months back, but now it has become part of the daily routine.

This shot was clicked during one of those power cuts. This elderly lady was in the dark, waiting for the electricity. The candle was the only source of light around her. I requested her to hold the candle high and to look at the camera. She kindly did so, which resulted in this image.

November 16, 2008

Copyright safe photo

Copyright safe photo, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Are you copyright infringementation safe? I am, because I've stopped worrying about it!

A Flickr friend recently deleted all his photos on Flickr after finding out that someone had used his photos without his consent. Although, he has started posting photos again, this is indeed sad as we will not be able to see his old photos.

when we decide to publish our photographs on the internet, it is not a matter of if, but when we will become a victim of morons who are more than happy to take credit for our work. So let us all be aware, than to be one day taken by surprise.

And if you really, really want to protect you work, it would be best to delete all your photos online and share/display them to others via other means such as exhibitions. I do know many people who do exactly that, and it works for them.

But for the other masses, who choose to be in the limelight via the internet, copyright infringement is inevitably part of to game. Like it or not, we will all have to live with it.

Another thousand drops

Another thousand drops, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Morning dew drops + macro lens = bokeh bliss :-)

November 8, 2008

So innocent... yet so deep

So innocent... yet so deep, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

My adorable niece Garima with another pose for the camera. She's now 2.5 years old.

Scarf and composition set up with help of my brother.

Thanks to Saras for the title :-)

November 7, 2008

End of the world

End of the world, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

And it was cold! :-)

Creating miniatures - pseudo tilt shift

Came across an interesting photography technique called Tilt-shifting sometime back. You can read about it on Wikipedia.

Although I have never seen or used a tilt-shift lens, I went on to create the above 'fake' tilt-shift photo in under a minute! And you can do so too. It's very very simple and you need to know only Photoshop basics. Find out about it on my Blog here.

November 3, 2008


Serendipity, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Larger looks so much better!

Another random shot from somewhere in the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. Came across this place while on the way to Dakshin Kali, which is about 45 mins from Kathmandu. It's always a good idea to stay alert and look out for subjects or landscapes to photograph when traveling. Never know what might show up when.

November 2, 2008


Evolution, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Quite an unusual composition at the beach.

The last kid is on a surfboard and the middle one's pulling him using a rope.