March 3, 2009


Gotcha, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

"I'll sue you if you upload this to Flickr!". I'm pretty sure that's what she said when I clicked her first shot! Of course that was just a jest :-] (Unless, her lawyer calls me now! :-D)

That's Tara, behind the camera, just in case if you're wondering.

Orton-ish effect courtesy of Picnik.

All you get is a :p

All you get is a :p, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

After successfully stealing an orange from a passer by, this fellow has to be in alert mode all the time because there are many other monkeys in the area and trouble is never far away.

Got this shot when it gave a curious look while I was pointing my (rather big) lens at it.

At Swayambhunath stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal.


cling-clang-clong, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Bells hung and sold as souvenir around Swayambhunath swing with the wind, and make that signature sound - cling-clang-clong.

Been away from Flickr for few days. Good to be back :-]

City of gods

City of gods, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

Local people hang out at Patan durbar square early morning as pigeons scour the area to find food.

I had been to a photo frame shop in Kathmandu, when a photo caught my attention. That photo was neatly framed and was showcased. Not able to look away ,I went closer and talked to my friend about the photo's location and composition. It was a really well composed shot. In my mind I was wondering how I had missed to click a similar shot in that location. And then it hit me - I wanted to emulate the photo. It took a month or so.. but finally I was able to capture this shot which is strikingly similar to the one hanging in that frame shop. That's when I thought to myself - thoughts become things!

I think watching and learning is an integral part of growing... and growing fast. Many may criticize and say that this photo is a copy of the photograph from the shop (I still do not know who clicked the original shot though) and that such practice is unethical. Well may be. But, it does not hurt to try and find out what it takes for you to capture the shot yourself. We all watch and learn don't we? I believe it's true that we watch - imitate - learn, and over time ideas, techniques, imagination et al builds up and one fine day we realize that we have developed a style, which is unique to ourselves - we grow up as photographers!

Emulation, if used ethically, can sure bring out the best in us :-]

More magic

More magic, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

More fun with the magic ball. Again, no photoshop re-touch here. The refraction is completely from the glass.

Just realized that I do not have this toy with me anymore! I'm not able to remember when/where I had it last. Uhh! So long...

Another day begins

Another day begins, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

A morning scene from somewhere around Phewa Lake, Pokhara.

Download the wallpaper size.

Golden sail

Golden sail, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

A boat is rowed towards the shore (possibly) by a staff from Fish Tail Lodge - one of the most exclusive lodges in Pokhara.

There is no other way to get to the lodge other than by boats. You could swim across if you fancy it! :-D