October 2, 2007

I got me a Macbook Pro

I've been wanting to get a laptop for a long time now. I had set my mind on getting a Sony Vaio some time back and I had even told my friends that I'm 99% sure to buy it. Well that was before I visited the Apple store at Regent street in London.

Apple stores have always attracted me. The gadgets they showcase are just too cool to miss. Aha! Yes, the word "cool" and Apple go hand in hand. Even people who have never used/ owned an Apple call apple products "cool".Sure enough that coolness comes with a price tag. I have always been a huge fan of Apple products but never really owned any of their gadgets other than an iPod Shuffle( which was gifted by a friend )..... Well until now! I finally put my money where my mouth is and got myself Apple's Macbook Pro.

It wasn't an easy decision at all. I had a hard time choosing between the Sony Vaio, Macbook and the Macbook Pro. But finally went for the best one. A fine work of art - the Macbook Pro. And, oh I love it already! I was always a little concerned about not being able to use Windows and many of it's softwares. But it turns out I won't have to. OS X(Mac's operating system) is much much more simpler to use than I had imagined. I've never used OS X before and learning everything from scratch. Everything is so simple, actually. The cool graphics & UI makes Windows look like a granpa :-)

The config:
2.2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
120GB HDD (5400-rpm)
15.4 inch TFT widescreen display
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM
etc :-)

I will definitely be spending lots of time on my Mac. I have missed out doing lots of stuffs cause at home I have a crappy desktop and never felt like doing much. Lots of catching up to do and so much to learn.

Now I say my official hi to the Mac world while my bank account recovers :-)


Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka said...


Miss Iyer said...
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Miss Iyer said...

ooooooh. Not just "cool", the word "sexy" too goes in-hand with Apple! :) Way to go.. have fun with ur lappy!

surya m said...


i have no idea abt Macs but i thought it will work 4 u...
may be...:D

shree said...

Really cool.. enjoy with ur new laptop :)

utopianb said...

ummmmaaaaaaa.... just waiting to see you back in B'lore.. not just u have been away for sometime... its for ur new MAC.... :) I had a chance to look at it in one of the stores here in B'lore... mind-blowing clarity and UI

lxk said...

Congratulation man
Khan is here man! hehe.
visit my blog sometimes when you get free. It contain some love stories man! Check it out!

Rajiv Chalke said...

ha! i kno .. I know... how difficult it was to get used to windows.. after starting with the MAcs... thats was a decade ago.. MACs are much-much more cooler now.
I had to shift to Windows... cos there were no options :)
Like you will like the higways and freeways... but if you wanna work in the city... Bangalore Roads it is!. Hopin to get back to the MAc days someway or other. Nice to see u hold one!

Kay in t Veen said...

Hee man, seen your blog and your a apple fanatic. good to see. im on a macbook and iphone aswell :-) hope we can collaborate soon.

Kenny Grant said...

I've been looking for a mac for ages, and looked at the macbook.. finally decided on a quad g5 tower and i love it. You've had it for a while now, worth it???

Prakaz said...

@Kenny Grant:

I've had it or over a year now and getting a macbook pro has been on of the best things ever!! You'll love it!