January 21, 2009

The simple life

The simple life, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

An elderly lady makes her way up a hill after spending the day collecting shrubs in the jungle. The shrubs will be fed to cattle owned by her family.

Came across this woman while hiking towards the World Peace Stupa in Pokhara. Probably in her 70s, she was struggling to lift a (rather heavy) load of shrubs and plants. After helping her get the load on her back, I ran up the hill and waited for her to reach the 'zone' where light had made it's way through the trees. And got this shots moments later. When she finally made it up the hill, I asked her if it was ok that I clicked her photos. Right away she asked for money to have tea. I gave her some change, she said thank you and carried on with a smile. The shot made my day! :-]

This is one of those shots which I have been wanting to click for a long time. Long before taking photographs seriously, I remember seeing these kind of subjects in postcards sold all around Kathmandu valley (and secretly wishing - 'I wanna click shots like those someday'!). And after years of imagining, I've finally got the shot that is more or less similar to what had been playing in my head. Happy days! :-]

To bring together these shots, I've created a set Thoughts become Things!. The set will include all my dream shots which has become a reality after I've imagined it in my head for days, weeks, months and sometimes even years!

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