February 12, 2009

Wikipedia contribution

Wikipedia contribution, originally uploaded by Digital Monk.

While writing a short description for this photo of Rajesh Hamal (Nepali actor) I had come across his page on Wikipedia. I found all the info I was looking for on the page, except for one thing - yes, his photo. It was ironic that I was reading information to use on a photo, but the page itself did not have any photo. So I submitted one of his photo, and it has now been uploaded to his page on Wikipedia.

If you see missing images on Wikipedia and would like to contribute then you can send an email to photosubmission@wikimedia.org along with the photo. That's pretty much it - they will get back to you when your photo has been accepted. However, do make sure that you are the owner of the photo and you accept all the terms and conditions here: Creativecomms license.

This was my first such contribution to Wikipedia and it's a fun thing to add to the world's largest free encyclopedia :-]

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