July 27, 2012

Life without words

This elderly gentleman was hard to miss as I was scanning Patan durbar square looking for people to speak to (and photograph). The 100 Strangers Project was all over my head that time and I made it a point to strike a conversation with almost every interesting person passing by or just hanging out.

After taking few shots he was close enough to notice that I was clicking his photos. Then as he came closer, he gave these different expressions as if he was totally amused by the situation. To say the least, I was amused myself and quite delighted as he came 10 feet from where I was then stood still and made this particular expression (photo). It seemed that he had a pretty good sense of humor. All this time he did not say a word.

Moments later, I thought I saw him open his mouth to say something... but still nothing came out. And that is when I noticed that he could not speak - he was a mute.

People in the area are accustomed to asking money when folks with big cameras (tourists) click their photographs. So I wasn't surprised when this gentleman stretched his hand, expecting something. I reached for my pocket, gave him some money. We both smiled at each other. Then I moved on, looking for the next stranger.

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