August 5, 2012


After clicking this shot, I scooted to the beach which was about 100 meters away or so from where we were. Friends were grabbing something to eat and were waiting on me. But there was no way I was just gonna laze around while a beautiful scenery was unfolding close by! In no time I was at the beach and stopped for moment to appreciate what was in front. The sunset made the sky look like molten gold was flowing over the sea via the horizon. It was truly breathtaking.

After admiring the beautiful scene, I started making my way back to where my friends were. On the way, to the far left, noticed this piece of wood like thing. It was getting dark and I was not sure if this piece of junk would make any good photo. Nevertheless, without wasting any time I ran (even faster) towards it, secretly hoping to cook some composition.

Once there, I immediately jumped on the sand on my knees and started playing with different angles and lighting. I was sure that a (very) low angle shot would be the best for this kind of image because I had seen a lot of those on Flickr. After about 2 minutes or so, had 6-7 shots, and I hurried my way back.

Only after going through the photos later I realized that this was indeed one of my favorite shots from the trip to Goa. Although, against time, somehow pretty much everything had worked out well - the composition, light, the angle.

What I learned from this experience is that it almost always pays off to be observant while going on photo walks. You never know, the next piece of junk could help you get the best of photographs :)

And oh, friends.. they can wait! :D

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