February 16, 2007

Early days of blogging

Almost for a year or two I've been regularly reading Flash blogs. Yes, just reading. Always wanted to blog myself but for some strange reason, never really started. It was high time I did justice to the unconscious blogger inside me and started blogging. Just sometime back grabbed a template at blogger.com and wrote my first blog entry. And here we are!

2007, I want to make it a point that i blog regularly, not just because I've always wanted to, but because i want to contribute to the flash community and meet new people. Well it's not really necessary to blog to meet great people like Abdul and Arul, you just have to be a part of Orkut. I've met some awesome Flash people [Hi, Debabrata :-)] in Orkut and i think its a great place to find old pals and keep in touch with them [err.. did i forget to mention that you could waste hours of your day posting scraps and going through friends' friends' lists in Orkut. Abdul's been a victim himself!].

Right now there is nothing much on this Blog but I'll be posting regularly about Flash/ Flex in general, RIAs, Web 2.0 and Geeky topics. Will be adding more links and gadgets too.

Hello to Active Blogging!

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