February 17, 2007

Actionscript & 3D are now good friends

[Over the years] I've always been amazed seeing the coolest 3D stuffs done in Flash. But I have to say, this one tops it all. The first time I saw this demo, my jaw almost dropped! Check it out, more demos here. [Important: If you can't see any 3D action, make sure you have the lastest version of Flash Player]

[Over the years] Flash has come a long way from being a cheesy GIF animatior to a kickass tool for developing cool web sites, games, desktop applications, videos... and now some amazing 3D stuffs.

Thanks to the [opensouce] project Papervision3D [and FP9], 3D is fast becoming a [sleek] reality in the Flash world withough chewing up your CPU. I haven't tried out anything yet with papervision, but want to try out at least some basic stuff. Thinking about it, I've really never done any 3D stuff with Actionscript or other 3D software.. umm... I guess they say, it's never too late to start :-]


Miss Iyer said...

Woah! These are amazing, my jaw dropped too!

And its wonderful to know you've started blogging actively. :)

Good going!

Debabrata said...

Thanks dude for the nice words and adding my blog link.I am looking forward to see lots of great posts in your blog.Keep blogging... :) BTW, I have alos deleted my profile from orkut... ;)

Balakrishnan said...

Hey Cool stuffs... Keep going... Count me as the regular visitor of this blog :)

Pradip Caulagi said...

There is a 3-D system build in Smalltalk you may find interesting to look at -

How do you think, this compares with Flash? Of course, they come with fundamentally different philosophies. Opencroquet uses Smalltalk, which is a full fledged programming language.