March 8, 2007

Torn Papers theme - Beta

It's up! Finally published the beta version of the skin for Blogger, which I had been working on for quite sometime. I still need to work on the bottom edges of the post and links. There are couple of things yet to be added, which I will put up in the final version. If anyone's interested, I will be releasing the source for this skin once I'm done with it.

This theme was inspired by pieces of scrambled/torn papers lying in my room :-)

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

Good Job!!!
Teach me man!!!

Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

infact i have been asking Nikki boy to exactly the similar R&D for some time now... but this effect is wow!!!

Prakaz said...

Thanks CM!

I'm still working on the final version.. trying to make it as neat as possible :-)

Miss Iyer said...

Its very nice, like i said even before. But somehow I liked the earlier version, i think its the b/g color. was it grey earlier? is it blue now?

cos rite now, the edges of the paper look quite sharper than it was earlier; or is it just my eye !?! :-/

anyway, as always i love it :D and im waiting for the theme u're gonna make for meeee :D

Prakaz said...

@ iyer: I don’t know which previous version you are talking about. The earlier one was almost identical to this one except for some few element additions. Colors and all are same... ok it must be your eye, need checkup? ;-)

Raghu said...

great job... a better background would be great though!!

Haobam said...

Cool Blogger theme