March 5, 2007

First shots with Sony Cybershot - H2

First things first: this post shouldn't be here!!
When I started writing blogs, I had thought of blogging only about Flash/ Flex, technology, the web and those kinda stuffs. But lately I've found myself wanting to post about off topics like photography, traveling etc and life in general. May be I will soon start another blog only for those stuffs.

Getting back to the topic, I've wanted to get a good digital camera for quite sometime now. To fulfill this long awaited wish, I went and got myself a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2 over the weekend. I had planned to get this camera next month, but the craving was too strong, just couldn't wait anymore ;-)

I've used the cam for a day and I'm loving it already. The kickass 12x zoom is just what I had looked for since, it was little difficult to take pictures without scaring away the subject with the other cam i have - Canon digital IXY. Finally, i can take more natural pictures. I've been spending time checking out different features of the camera and getting used to taking pictures in manual mode. I took quite a few pictures testing the aperture, shutter speed, exposure and all those stuffs. Did manage to get few nice ones, but they all seem to be underexposed. Still gotta take more and more pictures and learn. I have uploaded few pictures to Flickr, check it out here:

The whole of this year I will try occupying myself traveling and taking photographs; I've always dreamed of doing that combination! I want to thank the folks at Dikenson Road for giving me a free tripod with the purchase of the camera :-) and also for giving me and Pema privilege to play a combat game almost for 30 mins in the Xbox 360 console which was there for demo play ONLY. Xbox really rocks!!


Chandramohan Kannan "CM" said...

beautiful snaps... good going

Miss Iyer said...

The pics are excellent. Need I say more to a photography buff like urself?

Travel lots and post more and more pics :)

Balakrishnan said...

Hey man, really kool photos, I liked the second photo with caption "Playing with aperture settings again " Could have been great of the brightness was more.. anyways, expecting more of your photos

surya m said...

coNgratulation or is it new pinch !!! have both :D

heY i have a new defN for OOP (esp for u) that is Object Oriented Photography.. ;D ahahh

trAvel a lot & continue sharing some with us ..
keEp it up!!

Balakrishnan said...

Hi, the torn paper skin looks kool.. really nice idea...

I really like the effect that is for the Headings/Topics, wonderful effect.

you can have the torn edges even at the bottom of each post.

The left side torn edges can be improved.

Hoping to c final version soon :) great going

Linda said...

Interesting Picture : )
Good start off
Will be waiting for your other stuff as you mention on the first para.
There are other people too... i am not IT types..