June 28, 2007

A little bit (more) of Photography

Recently I've been spending a lot of time with my camera and I'm absolutely loving it!
Just came back from a 2 weeks vacation from my home town, and my 1GB camera memory is almost full. It was almost like a dream come true taking photographs in Kathmandu. It's such a beautiful place. Everywhere there is scope for photography. From the beautiful flowers in Mom's garden to Buddha's eyes in Swyambhunath templem there isn't any shortage of subjects for a good photo.

This was the first time I walked around the city with a fairly good camera hanging around my neck. I just could not stop clicking! During my stay for 2 weeks in Nepal, I shot around 1000 photos. 30% of those photos are in the trash, 40% are just OK (these will be up in my webpicasa page soon), 20% pretty good, and 10% will make it to my Flickr page - www.prakaz.com. But all of them aren't upload yet.. they will appear in Flickr slowly but certainly.

It would be a real shame if forget to mention my 2 days trip to Tato Paani (meaning hot-water) . It is a place in Nepal which shares border with China... I did step foot into China this time :-). It's a beautiful place. Full of streams, waterfalls and greenery everywhere you look. Really enjoyed taking photographs there too.

Photography has been more frequent since I got my Sony DSC-H2 around 5 months back. There has been lots of activities in my Flickr page too. Thanks to all who take time to view my photostream and post comments.

Here are some of my most interesting photos in Flickr.

My Flickr page can be directly accessed from: www.prakaz.com


Miss Iyer said...

Making use of the hits eh?? ;-)

The pics are aaaaawwwwwwwweeesoooommmee :D

Prakaz said...

Yep I told you that I'd make use of it right?? ;-) hehe..

And thanks for the compliment.. :D

Anitya said...

you're a skilled photographer. There're also many excellent pictures from nepal in http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/Nepal/

I really enjoyed the above site. May be you could also add more to that.

basanta said...

Thank you for sharing nice photos. Enjoyed all, especially the ones on nature.