July 29, 2012

If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking too much space

This is perhaps one of the most reckless things I have ever done. I handed the camera to a friend, explained him the frame and walked to the edge of a cliff which must be at least few thousands feet high. All that just to pose for this photo. I had it in my mind that this shot would be more dramatic if it had a human in it. And so, there I was.

That cliff is really high. One wrong step (or a strong gush of wind) and you're history. You can see me stretch my neck trying to figure out where the drop ends. And if you are brave (or foolish) enough to do that, you get chills down your back, for free!

At the end, the risk was all worth it. We got a lot of pretty nice shots on the edges of the cliff. I have been to this place few times before but these (there's more!) photos will no doubt be the most memorable ones.

I would probably not do this ever again... well, unless there is a parachute strapped on to my back :D

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