July 30, 2012

Back from the shoulin temple

A sunset in the background, beautiful clouds atop a hill is just the perfect recipe for some fine tuned silhouette shots.

I made my friend pose and jump around against the sunset one too many times. We did get few nice shots, but I wanted something more dramatic, more out of the ordinary shots. So I explained him the frame and asked him to press the shutter button right when I jumped. About 6-7 jumps later, I told my friend to get ready as I was going to try something cool. And this shot was the result. What more, out of all the shots, this one turned out to be the coolest one indeed.

By the way, there is no photoshop trick involved in this shot. Just the colors were tweaked with Picnik. The jump is real! My thighs hurt for 2 days after doing so many stunts that day :D

Fun photo-shoot days!

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