August 1, 2012


I had been to Goa before few times before. It was always fun, but most beaches were always packed with tourists and locals. I used to dream of finding beaches where there would be no one but just me!

This time, I took matters into my own hands - got Goa's map and started scouting for those kind of beaches. I had asked couple of people about such beaches and they told me that I could not find such a place in Goa, because these days everything had become too commercialized.

But I still had hope.

Then someone tipped me about some beaches to the North of Goa. I had never been to the North side and wanted to explore. So I packed my camera gear and a map and headed North at 8 am - pretty early to be going to a beach! But again I thought that would work in my favor because less people would frequent beaches at that time.

On the way to Morgim beach, which is the first beach in North Goa, I couldn't help but notice turquoise water to the left. It wasn't Morgim beach where people go but it sure seemed interesting enough as I saw a blue boat docked to the shore. Also it looked like the whole place was abandoned.

I parked my bike in the shade and moments later found myself looking at this beautiful sight. It was somewhat like a piece of memory from my dream - a beautiful beach all to myself. And this was just the beginning. As the day progressed, I hopped to few other beaches which were equally beautiful and there was almost no one around. The heat all day was pretty intense and getting tanned was inevitable. But everything was worth it when I returned home and looked at the photographs.

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