February 20, 2007

Programmers Don't Like to Code

You write code. Does that mean you like writing code?! Well, After reading this article, you might think twice. The article talks about how a coder might actually be interested in problem solving rather than writing code. Coding helps a programmer solve problems but all coders don’t like writing code, really.

Quoted from the article:
"From an outsider’s vantage, I can see why they’d think we like coding. We solve problems by coding, and we’re all happy and enthused while typing away or talking code. But they’re confusing the action and the intention. It’s not pulling the trigger that makes me happy, it’s hitting the target. The action approaches incidental"

That makes sense to some extent... Not all coders like to write everything from scratch. Either they would use built in libraries or write modules which they could use later. This may seem like the coder doesn’t like to code and may be wanting to spend more time on problem solving.

When I first read that article, I thought I was too more inclined towards the problem solving hill. But thinking about it, I DO like coding! I think this totally depends from person to person [*cough* coder to coder]. A person might like coding, a person might like solving problems or in most cases s/he might like both.

One line in the article says: “If programmers liked to code, we’d all be writing in machine language to this day”.

Well, that may also be true to some extent but I believe that human beings are ‘programmed’ to evolve and we have always looked for doing things the easier way. If the above statement held true, we all might as well be making fire using stones to this day :-)


Miss Iyer said...

lol, I really enjoyed reading this post. And YOU should stop saying that you can't write. U write excellent!!! In fact while reading some part it, you actually had me smile :).

And, I agree; by your standards this one IS pretty long! ;)

Btw, I've blogrolled you! Post more often...

allen said...

Interesting post dude. I've never really thought about programming in terms of problem solving and coding seperately until now. I guess I belong to the third category. I guess most programmers do.

Prakaz said...

@allen - I agree with you dude, most programmers usually like coding and are keen on solving problems, *cough* keeping aside gf problems that is ;-)

Luana said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

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